Thursday 8.23.18 Endurance WOD



5 inchworms
10 calf raises
20 butt kicks
30 high knees
40 jumping jacks
:60 plank hold-


A.) EMOM x 10:
:40s on :20s rest
Odd: Alternating Double KB Front Rack Press
Even: Double KB split Squats (20s L/:20s R)
*Accumulate perfect reps for :40s each minute

B.)On a 28:00 running clock:
10 Rounds:
200m Run
15 Calorie Assault Bike /row
*AMRAP Wall Balls w/time left over

**NOTE: the 10 Rounds portion of this workout will be capped at 23min. This will leave a minimum of 5min accumulating Wall Balls.

*This is a good test on the ability to pace aerobically. If you settle into something to slow you won’t finish on time, but if you go too hard you may blow up. Have your athletes find that 85% range and try to sustain it throughout. The goal would be to keep each effort to about 1min long, so 2min per round.


Group stretch