Wednesday 8.22.18 Endurance WOD


Hamstring stretch
Calf stretch
Downward facing dog
Shoulder stretch- hang from rig and scapula pull up
Tabata demo
Coach will introduce moves, athletes will then complete in tabata form
0-1 min jump rope/dubs
1-2 min sit ups
2-3 minutes thruster- lighter weight than workout
3-4 min ring row/pull up


50 jump rope/dubs
50 sit ups
21 Barbell thruster
21 ring rows/pull ups
40 jump rope/dubs
40 sit ups
18 barbell thruster
18 ring rows/pull ups
30 Jump rope/dubs
30 sit ups
15 thruster
15 ring rows/pull ups
20 jump rope/dubs
20 sit ups
12 thruster
12 ring rows/pull ups
10 jump rope/dubs
10 sit ups
9 thruster
9 ring rows/pull ups

Intent: This will be a challenge and pays homage to classic crossfit wods. The athlete will need to pace themselves with 80% effort. The workout is designed to speed up at the end as the work diminshes in size. Consider this a true cardio push… it might hurt, but the coach will help the athletes come up woth apporpriate scales to start with and maintain.


400 m walk to cooldown