Thursday 8.16.18 CrossFit


1): Box Squat (EMOM 8×2 @ 60% low, normal stance)
– 12-13″ Box
– These are intended to be done below parallel.
2): Sumo Deadlift (EMOM 4×4 @ 60% every 60s)
– Reset on each rep (not touch n go)
Intent:  Today we’ll start a new cycle with low box squats (below parallel) and Sumo Deadlifts. Technique and speed take precedence. Forget about how much weight you’re using and focus on being fast and efficient on each set.


3 Rounds
600m Run
25′ DB Front Racked Lunges (50,35)
25 Wall Balls (20,14)
L2: (35,20)(14,12)
L1: 400m(25,15)(12,10)

In this longer triplet, looking for athletes to choose a medicine ball and dumbbell weight that they are capable of holding on for 25′ unbroken when fresh. Within the workout today, athletes will find the right stimulus by completing each movement in 1-3 sets.
Sub Run for:
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
1000/800 Meter Row


5 Minutes of Light Foam Rolling After Class