Tuesday 8.14.18 Endurance WOD


10 super slow squats
20 calf raises
:30 wall sit
40 mt climbers
50 jumping jacks
40 high knees
:30 wall sit
20 butt kicks
10 plank jacks (hold a plank and open and close legs)


A.) 5 Rounds: (25:00 CAP)
1:00 Side Plank (30s L + 30s R)
30 Jump Lunges (15/Leg)
20 Ball Slams
10 Hanging knee raises
*Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

B.) EMOM x 10:
Odd: 30s Max Barbell Curls
Even: 30s Max Bent Over Barbell Rows
*Empty Barbell For Both

*Unbroken is the challenge for today. All movements should be pushed straight through at that 90% effort.