Friday 8.3.18 Endurance WOD


4 rounds

5 inch worms
200 m run
:20 hang from rig for shoulder stretch


A.) Work on a 30min Clock.
For Total reps:
800m run- 600m run-400m run-200m run:
Right into (after each run):
10 Plate Snatches + 10 OH Lunges

*FLOW- Accumulate distance running for 5:00, and immediately go into the AMRAP 5 of 8 + 8. Then right into the round of 4 minutes for both…etc. steady pace on the run so you can maintain your efforts and also be able to chip through AMRAP without losing steam.

*If the OH Plate is aggressive for some, then either have them bring it down to the chest and hold or drop the plate altogether and perform BW Lunges.