Monday 7.23.18 Endurance WOD


Row Skillwork:
Round 1: row 150 meters
rest :30 sec
Round 2: row 150 meters in less than 20 pulls
rest :30 sec
Round 3: row 150 m in less than 17 pulls
rest :30 sec
row 150 m in less than 15 pulls


EMOM x 30:

Min 1: 12  DB Snatch
Min 2: 24 lunges
Min 3: 150 m Row
Min 4: 12 Russian KB Swings
Min 5: 24 russian twist
Min 6: 12 Burpees

Mixing it up today with a challenging EMOM. Remember the goal is to work hard for 35-40s and be able to accumulate some rest. If you’re creeping into the 50s mark  look to scale back some numbers. Set up equipment needed close to the rower and MAKE SURE you have a minimum of 10 seconds to transition!!!