Monday 7.9.18 Endurance WOD


tabata Time
0-1 high knees
1-2 butt kicks
2-3 juming jacks
3-4 lunges
4-5 squats
5-6 plank holds
6-7 wall sits


in  5:00 complete

10 DB thruster
5 burpee broad jumps
10 DB plank rows- L+R=2
10 calorie row
10 DB lunges- L+R=2
100 m sprint

retstart at the 5 minute intervals

This style interval always presents a tough challenge. You’ll need to find the balance between going too hard and not being able to recover, or going too slow and not receiving any rest. Ideally you’re working no more then 3-3:30 so you can have enough time to recover and hit it hard again.