July ’18 Athletes of the month


Congrats to our
July Athletes of the month!

Thanks for being a daily example of CrossFit Main Lines core values and what it mean to be a ‘Rock Star CrossFitter’.

As Athlete of the month you’re officially on the ballet for 2018 Athlete of the Year and have access to your vary own locker during the month of July!

CrossFit Main Line – Ardmore

Kirsten Whitaker

Kirsten has been a part of the CFML community for 5+ years!  Congrats on being chosen Athlete of the Month. Such a positive, enthusiastic, fun individual in our community.

  1. When, how, why, did you start with us?
    I started crossfit 5 years ago.  My exercise routine had fallen into a rut of repetition with little challenge and negligible results.   I didn’t know it at the time, but upon reflection this decision to begin crossfit was truly significant and one for which I am greatly thankful.
  2. What’s your favorite workout (style, movements, anything really), and whats your least favorite?
    This is definitely the easiest question to answer – I love rowing, pull-ups, and rope climbs.  I loathe burpees and overhead squats!

  3. You’re a new additional to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
    I would be fuschia!  Its strong, fun, and goes with everything!

  4. What’s the first CD you ever bought?
    Dave Matthews Band.  I still have the actual CD in my car, albeit with a few scratches, if any of the younger members want to behold a relic from the past:)

  5. Whats your latest CrossFit goal?
    Bar Muscle Up, I’m coming for you!

CrossFit Main Line – Wayne

Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch, an OG, 5+ year veteran original CFML. It’s an honor to announce you as the CFML – Wayne Athlete of the Month!

  1. When did you get started with us?

    I started in the Ardmore box in March 2013. My first WOD was 13.2.  To be honest I was a deer caught in the headlights. I had no idea what I signed up for…. all I know is that this thing called 13.2 kicked by butt. The music was loud; barbells were hitting the ground, and I was surrounded by people who were in incredible shape. It was like I was accidentally placed in an advanced placement honors gym class for the really gifted…. I never saw anything like it. I still scale a lot, but I know my 2018 self could kick my 2013 self’s butt in a second.

  2. What’s your favorite CFML benchmark workout?

    8 Crazy Nights has to be the hardest workout I have ever done, but it is my favorite…. I always find myself laughing half way through it because it is ridiculously long and I think that there is no way that I can keep going. Oddly after round 4 or 5, I go into a Crossfit coma, and the next thing I know it’s over….

  3. What genre of music would you be?

    This isn’t an easy question for me. I am all over the board….. Probably most of the time I’m alternative rock…. Dispatch, OAR, Chili Peppers. I generally like the undiscovered artist who has a good background beat. But I sometime freak my kids out when I know a rap song that they think only they know about…..

  4. If you could travel anywhere on this planet where would you go and why?

    I would head to New Zealand in a second. Years ago I met somebody from New Zealand who was always telling me stories about skiing in the morning and surfing in the afternoon. Winter and Summer in the same day would be awesome.

  5. What is your latest CrossFit goal?

    After today my latest goal may be a hand stand walk…. How great would it be for the old bald guy to walk on his hands…. that would definitely freak my kids out!