Tuesday 6.26.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief:
Wayne Rowing Skill Clinic 8:30pm-9:15pm


Everyone grab a KB of their choice and we will do: “Bring Sally Up”
Sit when “Sally” goes down
Stand when Sally goes up!


4 rounds
200m Run in 90sec
1 min KB Goblet Walking Lunges
1 min KB Swings
1min Ring Row
1min Plank Up-Down / wall walks
1 min rest
This is max reps at each new movement. You won’t be able to truly “max” out but just think of that’s steady breathing pace and accumulate what you can. The biggest goal will be to set solid numbers on round 1 and then match or beat those for round 2. Everything should be straight through but lunges and swings. Think quick breaks when needed but try to hold on.