Friday 6.22.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief:
Bowling Night  at  Devon Lanes &  Wynnewood Lanes 6pm-8pm
6/23-6/24 Bring A Friend Weekend 6/23 Wayne & 6/24 Ardmore Quarterly Scans and Baseline


10 Back rack lunges-barbell
10 box overs
10 bent over row- barbell
10 lateral hops over barbell
10 front squats-barbell
10 burpees over barbell

*Rest As Needed

3 Sets:
1:30 Side Plank (45sL+45sR)
10 Ab Rollouts

The barbell can be unwieldy, as such, make such focsus is on balance- especially for the lunges, Babrbell work is broken up with heart rate spiking cardio moves- as such, plan to move through them quickly, so you can recovery ont he barbell.