Tuesday 6.19.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Kids Summer Strength & Conditioning – Registration Open
This Weekend: Quarterly InBody Scans + Re-test, Bring A Friend


Close Grip Chin-up
Every 2min 5×5
100% Coach Call
Options: Weighted, Bodyweight, Partner Assisted
Intent: We’ll start today’s strength by performing repetition work with close-grip chin up which
places stress on the biceps group. Supinated grip. Chin over bar.


5 Rounds, Every 4min
12 Pull-ups
14 Hang Dumbbell Snatches (50,35)
100m Shuttle Run
*Score = slowest split
Rx: (35,20)
L2: (35,15)(Jumping PU)
L1: (25,10)(Jumping PU
Alt. Run for  21,15 Cal Row/Bike

Intent: Effort today should be around 70-75%, active rest for those that completed Mondays metcon. Once athletes complete their shuttle run, they will take the remaining time within the four minute window as rest. Dumbbell weight should be a weight that will be performed in with a maximum of 1 break per round, switching hands after 7 reps on each side is required.


3 Rounds
1a) Banded Facepulls x 20
1b) Stretched Plank x 15s