Wednesday 6.6.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief:
Summer Schedule is Live



1 minute Row for Calories
20 Sit-Ups
20 Ball Slams
10 burpees
Score- total calories accumulated

rest 1 minute

3 Rounds

15s Max Lateral Raise
15s Hercules Hold
15s Frontal Raise
15s Frontal Raise Hold

30 second rest

15s  Plank
15s Left Side Plank
15s  Plank
15s Right Side Plank
30 second Rest

The first workout is focused on a good long burn. 80% effort should be maintained. The second work out is introducing dynamic movements and static holds. The athletes will have to err on the side of lighter weights for raises as the whole body but the arms should be still, Wrapping it up with pure abdominal movement will force the athlete to focus on breathing and just pushing through being uncomfortable.