Sunday 5.27.18 CrossFit

Box Brief
Mon. 5.28.18 8:30am Endurance, 9:30am CrossFit
(no babysitting)


Partner Up:
100 KBS (55,35)
100 Wallballs (20,14)
800m Run
100 SDHP (55,35)
100 Medball Cleans (20,14)
800m Run
L2: (45,35)
L1: (35,25) (14,10)
Scale: (35,25 Russian Swings) (10,8)

Intent: Today’s metcon involves light power snatches and wallballs. The volume is relatively high today so break sets as needed with your partner to ensure quick transitions. You should be able to effectively maintain run splits and pacing should be around 80%.


2 Rounds
5 Minute Row
5 Minute Bike
at Zone 1 Pace (60%)Intent: Today is intended to be a low-demand “recovery” type day. All work should be easy today,
especially if you plan on doing “Murph” tomorrow