Friday 5.25.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief
Sat. 5.26.18 Endurance Cancelled
Mon. 5.28.18 8:30am Endurance, 9:30am CrossFit
(no babysitting)


30 Calorie Row
15 Box Jump Overs
20 1-Arm KB Hang Snatch (10L+10R)
10 1-Arm KB Front Squats (5L+5R)- 5min Rest –
100ft Of Everything Below…
1-Arm KB Farmers Carry Left Arm
1-Arm KB Farmers Carry Right Arm
1-Arm KB Front Rack Carry Left Arm
1-Arm KB Front Rack Carry Right Arm
*Every Drop Of The KB During the 100ft Perform A 15 Air Squat Penalty. Use 1 HEAVY KB For All.Score = total full rounds of AMRAP 12

Intent: This day is KB heavy! The first AMRAP throws in the Hang Snatch, this will require solid technique and speed so be sure to choose a weight that reflects that. The second AMRAP is a good challenge of core stability. 1-Arm carries force more on the core to help the imbalance, choose challenging weights but be mindful of how you’re moving.