Thursday 5.24.18 CrossFit

Box Brief
Sat. 5.26.18 Endurance Cancelled
Mon. 5.28.18 8:30am Endurance, 9:30am CrossFit
(no babysitting)


Box Squat (8×3 @ 65%, wide stance below parallel)
100% Coach Call, every 60s
If you do ont have a weight use 55-60% of your Back Squat Max.
Intent: All 8 sets of Box Squats should be fast so if needed adjust the loading so you can move faster.

Metcon Prep

Ever 2min for 4 Rounds
Power Clean + Front Squat
*Building to metcon weight


30 Front Squats (155,105)
30 Lateral Burpees
– Rest 5:00 –
30 Power Cleans (155,105)
30 Lateral Burpees
Rx: (135,95)
L2: (115,75)
L1: (Goblet Squats) (135, 95 Deadlifts for Power Cleans) (Regular Burpees)

Intent:  Each section of this workout is intended to be done near maximal effort, 90-95% effort which means you should worry less about pacing and more about just going for it! You’ll have 5 minutes of rest between sections to recover.


2 Options
Reverse Hyper 3x 20 @ 30-50% of Back Squat
DB Walking Lunges 3×20 steps