Thursday 5.17.18 CrossFit


Box Squat ( 8×3 @ 60% of last Monday 3RM)
Wide Stance, below parallel
100% Coach call, complete as EMOM
Intent: Week 1 of Box Squats. Use your 3RM as your guide from last week or use a moderate-weight. All sets should be smooth

Metcon Prep

3 Rounds
3 TNG Power Snatch
3x T2B
6x Wall Balls


5 Power Snatches (135,95)
10 T2B
15 Wallballs (20,14)
L2: (95,65)
L1: (75,55)(Knee Lifts)(14,10)
Scale: (65,45)(Knee Lifts)(10,8)

Intent: Work on being efficient with all movements starting with a pace you can maintain and adjust as you see fit. Snatches should be light. This a benchmark workout


1) Single Leg KB RDLs 4x5ea (AHAP)
2) Deadbug + Reverse Crunch 3×10


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