Monday 5.14.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
• Ardmore Endurance Challenge Starts 5.15
• Wellness Week 5.17


Deadlift (5×5 TNG, building to a heavy)
100% Coach call, every 2min
Intent: Work up to a challenging set of Touch n Go Deadlifts for 5. This does not need to be a max.

Metcon Prep

Ever 2min for 3 Rounds
5 DB Power Cleans
5 DB Thrusters
Building to Metcon weight


45 DB Power Cleans
45 DB Thrusters
45 DB Power Cleans
Rx+: (50,35)
Rx: (45,25)
L2: (35,25)
L1: (25,15)

Intent: Be careful with pacing with this one as it will be easy to go out too fast and incur long bouts of unplanned rest. Pacing should be around 80-85%. Choose a weight that you can do 5-7 reps at a time with.


1a) Frog Pump 3x 5
1b) KB Squat + Lowering: 3×8