Thursday 5.10.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief:
• Mom WOD 5.13 All Class Times
• Ardmore Endurance Challenge Starts 5.15


20 Plate OH Walking Lunges (10 ea.Leg)
20 Push-Ups
2min Assault Bike
20 Ring Rows
– Rest 2:00 –
1:30 Assault Bike
2min Row
21 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Score = total cals on rower

Intent: Two longer AMRAPs today with a healthy dose of Assault Bike! For the first AMRAP, plan for your breakups. Try to pick a push up scale that’ll allow for at least 5 reps at a time, and same for the Ring Rows. Steady pace on the bike and try to hold on for unbroken lunges. I recommend a 45/25# male/female Plate breakup. The second AMRAP is more aerobic, choose a sustainable pace and try to keep it throughout. The amount of breaks in transitions during movements you take in will show you how well you paced.