Saturday 5.5.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief:
• Mom WOD 5.13 All Class Times!


5 Rounds
30 Calorie Row
30 Lateral Jumps Over Rower (L+R=2)
15 Calorie Assault Bike
*Max Calorie Row In The Remaining Time
– Rest 1:00 b/t rds — 3min Rest –

4 Rounds
30s Plank On Low Rings
– 10s Rest –
30s DB Lateral Raise Hold
– 10s Rest –
30s Glute Bridge Hold
– 10s Rest –
30s DB Front Raise Hold
– 10s Rest –

Score = Time of 1st metcon (5 Rounds)

Intent: Interval style piece for today! Your score for this is how many calories you can accumulate on the Rower after you finish the previous work. You’ll have to push your pace to get through, but with only 1 minute of recovery time in between, you’ll have to make sure you’re holding an 85-90% effort. The second part should be a challenging, static holds are require you to fight to keep great position. Use lift DBs or metal plates , most likely 2.5 – 5#.