Monday 4.16.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Ardmore Running Clinic 4.17 

Wayne Running Clinic 4.18  CrossFit at Athleta 4.21                 

Wayne Endurance Bring a Friend Week 4.23- 4.30


Power Snatch (Coach Call 7×3 Cluster Sets)
Cluster = Coach call every 2min 1 rep, drop + rest 10s until you’ve done this for 3 reps.
Beg. Stick with a moderate weight for all sets

Intent:  The purpose of cluster sets is to use intra-set rest to ensure we are recovered before each effort. This allows us to refine technique and work with heavier loads.

Metcon Prep

Touch N Go Power Snatch
Coach Call
3×3, every 60s
Drop your loading and focus on cycling


For Time:  30 Snatches, 135# / 95#

Intent: Benchmark workout “Isabel”. This workout is individually based in terms of how you approach this. If you’re strong with snatches and efficient with Touch n go, then perform big sets and go all out. If not, performing fast singles is another option. Either way, this workout should not take longer than 6 minutes to complete and is intended to be done at near maximal effort.
Beginner Metcon
6 Cals Assault Bike or 6 Burpees
10 Deadlifts (95, 65)

$ Out

Snatch GripHigh Pulls: 3×8