Friday 4.13.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Bring a Friend Week 4.7 – 4.15
Ardmore Running Clinic 4.17
Wayne Running Clinic 4.18


1a: Close Grip Bench (3×3 @ 50% + 3×3 @ build to heavy)
1b) Banded Pallof Press Iso Hold, Wide Stance: 3 x 12s each side.
Coach call every 2min complete 1a + 1b
Intent:  Final week of Speed Work, but this week we’ll switch to 3-speed sets with close grip bench and 3 “heavier” sets. These heavier sets should not be maximal and feel smooth.


Min 1: 50 Ft. ^^Stone/Bag carry^^, on chest (150,100)
Min 2: 15 KBS (70,55)
Min 3: Max UB Dubs
Min 4: 15 Jumping Pull Ups
Min 5: 15 DBs GTOH (50s,35s)
*Score = Stone carry weight + smallest set of UB Dubs
Rx: (100,75)(55,35)(35s,25s)
L2/L1: (75,50)(R Swings 55,35) (40s DUB Attempts)(25s,20s)

Intent: Today’s piece should be done around 70% effort meaning you’re able to go through each station and complete all the listed work with no issues. Today is not supposed to be brutally hard, but should still get your heart-rate up. This work is both conditioning and GPP based and very effective for improving your conditioning.

$ Out

Rollback Tricep Extensions on the Floor: Max Reps in 4:00