Monday 4.9.18 CrossFit

Bring a friend week


Zercher Squat 1×1 Coach Call every 2min
2RM on 12/18/17
Beginner: 5 x 5
Intent:  Build to a max Zercher Box Squat in 8-10 sets.  Although this movement looks unorthodox to be open-minded because you’ll be surprised how effectively this movement hits your midline/upper-back.

Metcon Prep

5 Rounds
1 Bear Complex
3 Burpee Bar Hops
*add weight


“Annie meets Grace”
Sit Ups
**6 Clean and Jerks AFTER each set
Rx: (135,95)
L2/L1: 95,65 (40s Dub Attempts each round)(sit ups with feet anchored)
**There is no Rx+ option**

Last complete 4.18.17
Intent: Benchmark mashup. As fatigue sets in pay attention to the skill level needed to complete DUBs in large sets. Clean and Jerks should be completed in singles to keep heart rate below 90% until the final round.

$ Out

1a) Goodmornings 3×10 (Light)
1b) Banded Ab crunches 3×10