Wednesday 3.28.18 Bootcamp


Movement Review
Athletes prepare equipment and complete 5-10 reps/cals”


3 Rounds
50 Goblet Walking Lunges (25 ea)
40 KB Swings
30 Calorie Row
20 Burpees Over Rower
10 Calorie Assault Bike
(40:00 CAP)
Intent: This workout will be a true grind. Each movement will attack the heart rate, make sure the athlete establishes a steady aerobic pace. Lunges are with no weight and should literally be at a Walking pace. KB Swings should be at a weight that can be chipped away at in 2-3 Sets. The Burpees are going to be slow, but done at a 1 rep at a time mentality. The Rounds finish on the machines, try to push through these as you can recover a bit and slow the heart rate down on the Lunges.


If Time alots:
Coach Led Ab Work or Stretch