Monday 3.26.18 Bootcamp


3 Sets:
20 Hollow Rocks
15 Tuck-Ups
10 Supermans


5 Rounds
48 Mountain Climbers (2 ct)
24 Sit-Ups
12 Ring or Box Dips
24 Alt DB Snatch
48 Double Unders (1:1 singles)
(30:00 CAP)
Intent: Fun mix of a couplet and a single modality workout. The overall challenge will be to keep the efforts equal. The AMRAP Rounds + reps should be as close to each other as possible for both attempts. The Burpees should follow the same, but challenge them to surpass their score on the second time through. Assault Bike should be kept to 45s-1:15 time range and Wall Balls should be unbroken. The combination will be a tough leg burn!


If Time alots:
Coach Led Ab Work or Stretch