Saturday 3.24.18 CrossFit


“Field Day”
1) Max Distance Broad Jump: 3 Attempts (inches)
Broad jump is a test of power-output. NFL RB 10+ ft.
2) Max UB Wallballs (20,14)(reps)
Test of mental capacity/endurance.
3) Max Calories on the Rower in 8:00 (cals)
4) Max Push-ups in 60s. (reps)
Upper Body Endurance Test
5) Max Sit-ups in 60s. (reps)
Hip Flexor/Abdominal Endurance Test
6) Max Burpees in 60s (reps)
**Score total inches + reps + cals
**Comment each individual score

*Last done 11/11/2017
Intent: The Open is over so we’re changing things up today with “Field Day”. Today is intended to be fun a day and a change of pace, but still quite challenging. All tests of these tests you will see again and are great ways to measure our fitness. Overall, you can rest as much as needed in order and can complete these events in any order.

$ Out

8 Zottaman Curls
20 Bradford Presses
30 ft. Overhead KB Carry each