Wednesday 3.21.18 CrossFit

Winter Storm Toby:
Wednesday 3.21.18
Classes ON starting at 9:30am.
Babysitting Available.
(pending weather we are open the remainder of the day)


Push Press 4×5 Work up to 80% for a set of 5
Coach Call 3×4, building to 50%
Intent: Work up to a moderate set of 5 with perfect form. This should NOT be a max.

Metcon Prep

3×3 Every 90s
Hang Squat Clean
Work on sets of 3 warming up for Metcon, build across


“Liza Beth”
Hang Squat Cleans (115,75)
Ring Dips
Rope Climb
Rx: (95,65) (Bar Dips)(3-2-1 Rope Climb)
L2: (75,55) (21-15-9 Push-ups)(10 Strict/BA PU per round)
L1: (75,55 FS) (21-15-9 Box Push Ups)(12 Ring Rows per round)
*Alt. Rope Climb Scaling = 15-12-9 Strict Chin-ups

Intent: Benchmark workout that you will see again in 16 weeks. Hang Squat cleans should be light and effort should be around 85%.


Coach led mobility

$ Out

Banded Hammer Curls: 3×12