Monday 3.19.18 Bootcamp


Russian Twist Congo Line:
Have a stack of 10s and have everyone in class line up with the plates to the left of them.     Everyone is in the russian twist position, and the first person in line grabs the plate and turns to hand off to athlete number 2 who then passes to athlete 3 while athlete 1 takes another plate and passes down. Continue in this fashion until the pile of plates is empty and now on the opposite side of the line. Once everyone is ready, go through the same process until the plates end up back in the starting position. Go through this whole cycle 3 times back and forth.


200m Row
15 Lateral Jumps Over Rower
10 Plank Up-downs
– Directly Into –
10 Box Dips
10 Box Jumps
10 Ball Slams
– Directly Into –
200m Row
15 Box Jumps
12 Box Dips
9 Ball Slams
6 Plank Up-Downs
Intent: These AMRAPs are loaded with simple movements and lower rep schemes. In this style, we want the athletes to really have the mindset of keeping the exact same pace through the duration. Working on cutting down on transition time is a good practice during these AMRAPs as well.


If Time alots:
Coach Led Ab Work or Stretch