[CrossFit] Your March Newsletter

Spring is in the air – flowers blooming, warmer temperatures, Saint Patrick’s Day and the CrossFit Open! We hope that you are outside enjoying the fresh air and kicking butt in the Open. We’re excited to see you all gathered for Friday Night Lights and cheering on fellow athletes as they test their strength, and lung capacities in the Open.

See you at the Box.

– Daniel & Merrilee

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3.20.18 Wayne

6:30pm Pull Up Clinic

7:30pm Muscle Up Clinic

3.21.18 Ardmore

7:30pm Muscle Up Clinic

8:30pm Pull Up Clinic

2018 Spring Session

Hurry! Sessions fill up fast!

Click on the class that fits your schedule and register to reserve your spot!

Spring Registration

3 Week Re-Cap

Wow, what a humbling, yet inspiring workout for all of our athletes riding the struggle bus while still hitting PRs.

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Ticket sales for the 6th Annual 24 Heroes in 24 Hours available NOW!

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The week of June 17th CFML will throw down an inner box battle wrapped around the longest day of the year. Stay tuned for more details

Join the community the first Friday of every month for Happy Hour at the Box!

Next Date: April 6, 2018

Friday 3.23.18

Come celebrate the end of the Open with ONE BIG Friday Night Lights Event.

Beer + Pizza + DJ

We’ve got something special for ‘Ab’ril 2018!

April 7 – 14

Participants get a
FREE ’24 in 24′ shirt!

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Re-test Day

‘Baseline’ + Inbody Scans
Wayne: April 7

Ardmore: April 8

April 7 – April 14

Free week of workouts

Inbody composition scan

‘Baseline’ WOD test

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