Friday 3.16.18 CrossFit

FREE Pull Up/Muscle Clinic  
Wayne: 3.20  &  Ardmore 3.21


Open WOD “18.4”
Deadlifts (225, 155)
Deadlifts (315, 205)
50 Ft. Handstand Walk after each set

Intent: Open WOD 18.4. Be smart with your deadlifts and break your sets before you have to. Also, make sure you’re using your legs and NOT just your lower back. Also, breaking your HSPU in a similar fashion before you have to will be the difference maker.


8-10 Minutes of Low Effort Work @50-60% of Bike, Run, Ski Erg, or Row then, Reverse Hypers: 2 x 25 @50% of Back Squat. *If you have a reverse hyper make sure you use it today!

Coach led mobility


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