Thursday 3.15.18 & Friday 3.16.18 Bootcamp


3 Sets
1:00 Forearm Plank
45s Hollow Hold
30s Side Plank (ea)


30 KB Swings
30 KB Goblet Walking Lunges (15ea)
90 Double Unders (1:1 Single)
30 Push-Ups
30 Calorie Row
30 DB Seated STOH
Intent: Long AMRAP to kick off the week. The KB work should be at a moderately challenging weight, doesn’t need to be unbroken but hopefully no more then two sets. Try to hold the jump rope work to 1-1:30 minutes and the Row to 1:30-2 minutes. The push-ups will most likely end up being the most challenging part here. Try to keep an honest scale that’ll allow the athlete to chip away in no less then sets of 5.