Tuesday 3.6.18 XFit Juniors


Ab mat burpee race
Split class into 2 lines
Stack up 5 ab mats
The athletes will work their way through the lines doing to following
Complete 5 burpees
Pick up 1st mat from the pile and run it to the other side of gym- coach will designate a mat pile place
Run back to start, high five next person in line and they will go


Rope climbs!


“Snatch up your mess” –
Using 5-10 lb  plates to start
There is a mess in the gym- 5-10 lb plates on floor.
Athletes must “snatch” it up using the weightlifting movement.
The coach will teach the athletes to “snatch’ the plates
Sit down and grab plate
Zip up your coat- run the plate up the belly and chest
Dip your butt back and punch the sky with the plate!
Stand tall at the end
Once the plate is “snatched” the athlete may walk it to the side of the gym
Each athlete will have a turn to “snatch” with their right arms.
The coach and the athletes will scatter the plates on the ground again
Each athlete will have a chance to snatch with their left arm.


20 plate hops
20 squat jumps
20 foot bear crawl