Tuesday 3.6.18 CrossFit


30 Wallballs
30 MB Sit Ups
30 Medball Cleans
30 Hollow Rocks
10 Foam Adductor, ea.
10 Foam Roll Lat, ea.


Ring or Bar Muscle-ups
10 x 60s Rounds
Rx+ & Rx: 2-3reps
L3: 1-2 reps
L2: Bar Hip Pulls
L1: 2-3 jumping bar MUHip Pulls, tryy to get hips as high as possible on kip
Intent: There are multiple options today based on your ability, but the overall intent is higher-skill upper-body strength work. This work should not tear you up in which you should go into the metcon not feeling fatigued.


3 Rounds
1min Rope Climbs, 15′
1min Alt. DB Snatch + OH Walk (50,35)
1min Dubs
1min Wallballs (20,14)
1min Zip Zag Farmers Carry
1:00 Rest
*Score = lowest total reps in a round
Rx+:(Legless Rope Climbs, 15′)(75,45)
L2: (Assited Rope Climbs)(Dub Attempts)(14,10)(45,25)
L1:( Assisted Rope Climbs)(Singles)(10,8)(35,20)

10m farmers carry = 1 rep
Intent: Work for the 60s as consistently as you can. The effort today should be around 85%, so sustainable.
**DB Snatch, Athletes snatch and with DB overhead walk 10m before switching and walking back.
*Zig Zag Farmers Carry: This is a farmer carry where athletes will walk in a zig-zag pattern instead of straightforward, zagging every 10m. This will increase the demandon the entire body.


Coach led mobility