Friday 2.23.18 WOD


3 DB Hang Clean + Jerk each arm
3 T2B or Knee Lifts
14/12 Calorie Row


Crossfit Games Open “18.1”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 Toes-to-bars
10 Dumbbell Hang C&J 50/35 lb
14/12-Cal Row
Masters Men (age 55+) 35#
Masters Women (age 55+) 20#
Scaled Men (age 19-54) hanging knee raises, 35#
Scaled Women (age 19-54) hanging knee raises, 20#
Scaled Men (age 55+) Sit Ups, 20#
Scaled Women (age 55+) Sit Ups, 10#
Intent: 18.1 is about pacing and managing your ab and grip fatigue early. Treat this workout as you would any other 20-minute triplet and start off slow and adjust your pace as you progress. Keep your heart rate manageable, below 92% until the final 2 rounds. Also, this is a relatively new DB movement, but luckily we perform lots on unilateral work so be confident in your ability to navigate this “new” movement. Have fun and don’t stress about the end result!