Thursday 2.22.18 CrossFit


Choose one Open movement
5min EMOM, 30s work, 30s rest
– Pull-up variation (or C2B)
(There is C2B in tomorrows Metcon)
– Handstand Push-ups
– T2B
Intent: Work on refining your skills and accumulating some low-volume work today. This work should not be too taxing or make you sore. Final week of Open Gymnastics Skill. Really try to reinforce skills from last week. All work should be done in small
sets and not induce high amounts of fatigue


25min AMRAP
20 KB SDHP (55,35)
40 Walking Lunges (BW)
800 Meter Run or 1k Row
Rx: (45,25)
L2: (35,25)
L1: (25,20)
100m = 1 rep
Comment: 18.1 guess

Intent: Today’s piece is about recovery. If you’re performing 18.1 tomorrow over scale and only push about 60% effort today. If you have not trained 2+ times this week and are not registered for the Open complete at 85%+ effort with KB Goblet Lunges.

$ Out

Banded Pull-throughs
Banded Face pull-apart
Double Leg Banded Leg Curls