Thursday 2.15.18 CrossFit


1) Max Distance Farmer Carry in 5:00
-Rest 2:00-
2) Max Distance Front Rack Carry in 5:00
Intent: Work on carrying for as long as possible without dropping. Note your weight and total distance after the 5 minutes is complete in the comments of metcon.


3 Rounds
In 5:00 Window:
Row 500 Meters
Remaining time Max Rounds of:
20 DB Renegade Rows (55,35)(L+R=2)
10 Ball Slams or Hollow Rocks
-Rest 2:00-
*Score = Highest Full Rounds
Rx: (45,25)
L2: (35,15)
L1: KB SDHP (55,35)
*Alternate Options:
Rowing = 400m Run, 60s Bike or Ski Erg or 60s Single Unders

Intent: Today’s Metcon is more or less interval work with low-demand movements. These workouts are a good opportunity to not worry about your score and sustain your pacing. Find a pace that allows you to stay consistent for all 3

$ Out

1a) Landmine Rows 3×10 each
1b) Landmine Rotations 3×30 (total)