Thursday 2.8.18 CrossFit


15min EMOM
T2B + Static Hold
3-5 T2B + 15s Static Hold
Static Hold choices: Handstand Hold or OH KB Hold
*Accumulate T2B Volume During your Skill Sets
Adv: 50+ Reps
Int: 30+ Reps
Beg: 20+ Reps

Intent:  If you were here last Thursday work on refining your skills with the T2B. In addition, we are going to accumulate volume today.


18min EMOM
30/25 Calorie Bike/Row/400m Run
20 Air Squats
16 Alt. DB Hang Power Snatch (55,35)
10 Box Jumps Overs (24,20)
Rx: (35,25)
L2: (25,15)
Alternate rounds b/t cardio pieces
Score = slowest split
*Alternate Options:

Intent: Each set should be completed at 75% effort. Look to complete all your splits within 30s of each other.

$ Out

Accumulate 4min in an Elbow Plank