Monday 2.5.18 CrossFit


With a PVC + Band
2 Rounds
10 X-Band Walks Right/Left
10 Banded Goodmornings (squeeze glutes at top)


1) Power Clean: 1×1
1RM, Every 90s 3,3,2,2,1.1.1

Intent: Try to beat your previous max today by 5#’s (if you have one). Take your time and progressively build to a new 1RM.


“Uncle Buck”
9min EMOM
Minutes 1-3
3 Power Cleans (135,95)
3 Front Squats (135,95)
3 S20H (135,95)
Minutes 3-6
3 Power Cleans (155,105)
3 Front Squats (155,105)
3 S20H (155,105)
Minutes 6-9
3 Power Clean (185,125)
3 Front Squat (185,125)
3 S20H (185,125)
L3: (115,75)(135,95)(155,105)
L2: (95,65)(115,75)(135,95)
L1: (75,55)(95,65)(115,75)
*Score = weights used each round, comment how many times you dropped the barbell

Intent:  Have your weights ready to go before we start the clock. You will be performing 3 sets with each weight with ascending weight. The intent here is to work on being efficient with the barbell. The challenge will be holding on for all reps without dropping. Challenge yourself to not drop the barbell on any sets. You should have roughly 40s of rest after each set.

$ Out

3 Rounds
20 Banded Pull-Throughs
15 Barbell Curls
1min Rollout on Foam Roller