Saturday 1.27.18 CrossFit


Teams of 3
30min AMRAP
30 Wallballs (20,14)
30 KBS (70,55)
600 Meter Run
*One athlete works at a time
Rx: (55,35)
L2: (14,10) (45,25)
L1: (10,8) (35,25 Russian Swings)
Alternate Scaling Options:
600m Run = 750m Row, 90s Bike or Ski Erg

Intent:  Because of how this workout is set-up you should receive enough rest to maintain a fast pace today. KBS are intended to be heavier. I’d recommend your teams split work as 10-10-200m. You should be able to sustain 80% effort today.

$ Out

With an empty bar:
75 Barbell Rows
75 Bradford Presses