Thursday 1.18.18 CrossFit

Skill Work

6min EMOM
ODDs: 20s Handstand Hold
EVENs: 10 Alt. Pistols
Intent: Today we are focusing on the handstand hold and pistol. Each set should be work that is not too taxing in which we can focus on reinforcing position and mechanics


Partner Up!
20min AMRAP
60s Row for Max Calories
(1 Athlete rows 60s Max Cals while their partner rest, then switch)
-60sec transistion-
4min AMRAP
Turkish Get-ups (55,35)
(1 Athlete completes a rep on each side then alternates)
Score = total calories + total TGU
Alternate Options:
Rowing = 200m Run, Assault Bike, 60s Sledpush (moderate) or Ski Erg

Intent: We are looking for consistency so keep in mind even though you’re getting 1:1 work/rest if you go out too hard too early, you’ll likely be in for a rough workout. Score = total cals + total TGU between teams.

$ Out

3 Rounds of:
30 Banded Pull-aparts
15 Banded Pulldowns
10s Side plank on each side between sets