Sunday 1.7.18 CrossFit

Metcon Prep

Perform 8 minutes of “warm-up rowing” your partner. Alternate every 60s.


Teams of 2
100 Air Squats
1k Row
100 Push-ups
1k Row
100 KBS (55,35)
1k Row
100 Squat Thrusts
1k Row
100 Hollow Rocks
1k Row
100 Air Squats
*Split work in half. One works, one rest
L2: (45,25)
L1: (35,25 Russian Swings)

Intent: Today’s session is intended to be 100% Aerobic. You should be able maintain a pace that is comfortable for you.
This type of work is important to improve Aerobic Power, rate at which you can perform a
high level of aerobic power without going anaerobic.

$ Out

Choose an “Extra Credit” session from one day you missed this week