Thursday 12.28.17 CrossFit


20min EMOM
Min 1-10 Row 100m
Min 11-20 Assault Bike 30s
*Alternate Options
10m Shuttle Runs x 30s
Ski Erg x 30s
Score = 20 if you complete all the work
Intent: On paper this probably doesn’t look too bad because in theory you should have at least 35-40s of rest each set. Maintaining those intervals is the challenge today with your score being slowest split. Advice is don’t go out too fast!


10min EMOM
50 Foot Bottoms-up KB Carry each (light)
100 Foot Single Arm Farmer Carry each (heavy)
Plank Complex (side + elbow + side x 10s-10s-10s)

$ Out

10min of Zone 1 Work
row, bike or ski erg
*Every minute complete: 10 Deadbugs