Friday 12.22.17 CrossFit


1a) “Box Squat” 6×3
6×3 @ 70%, parallel1b) “Deadlift” 6×1
6×1 @ 75%

Beginner: Focus on technique, not speed for deadlifts complete 3 sets x 5 reps per set
Intent:  Final week of Box Squats. If you were fast last week add 5-10# to the bar. If you were not here then focus on being fast/efficient on each set. Complete 1a + 1b every 90sec


For Time:
60 Goblet Walking Lunges (55,35)
60 SDHP (55,35)
L2: (35,25)
L1: (25,15)
Intent: Today’s workout you should be able to complete a minimum of 10 reps per set ie. big work sets, small rest sets

$ Out

5min AMRAP
Glute March
Stir the Pot
*Accumulate volume however you see fit.