Thursday 12.21.17 CrossFit


In a 10min window:
40 Calorie Bike, Ski Erg, Row or 400 meter Run
Remaining time AMRAP:
15 Ball Slams (20,15)
10 Alt DB Weighted Step-ups (55,35)
5 Strict Pull-ups
Rest 2:00 + Repeat
Rx: (45,25 (5 Pull Ups)
L2: (Elbow Plank for Slamballs) (Unweighted Step-ups) (5 Super Strict Ring Row w. a 1 ct pause at top)

Intent:  You should have between 7-8 minutes to work through AMRAP after you complete 40 calories bike. Effort today should be around 80% of Max HR. Both of your scores should be close.


6min AMRAP
50′ Bottoms-up KB Carry each (light)
100 Foot Single Arm Farmer Carry each (heavy)

Intent: Make sure core stays engaged for both carries.

$ Out

*Pick two accessory movements from the week you missed or two accessory movements that will help improve weaker
muscle-groups and perform 3×12