Thursday 12.14.17 CrossFit


10 Rounds
Single Arm Farmer Carry x 50 feet each (70,55)
30s Hard Effort Row, Bike Ski Erg, or 50 meter Shuttle Sprint (Athletes choice)
Rest 60s.
*Score = what you ate for breakfast today. Don’t lie =)
Intent:  Your 30s of work should be around 85% max HR. Determine what this will be for you early in the workout ie. 12 calories and hold it for all 10 rounds.


3 Sets of:
20 Banded Lat Pulldowns
15 DB Front Raises
10 KB Hammer Curls
Rest 10s between movements/60s after all 3.

$ Out

Run, Row, Bike, or Ski Erg for 10:00 at a Zone 1 Pace (conversational).

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