Sunday 12.10.17 CrossFit


1: Overhead Squat 3x1x1 Tempo
2: 1-Arm DB Row w. rotation: 3 x 10ea
Every 60s

Beginner: Goblet Box Squat wide stance: 5×5
Intent: Keep sets light with OHS and focus on perfect technique/postion


10 Rounds
50m Heavy Sledpush
50m Heavy Farmer or BB Suitecase Carry
*Athletes choice of weight.
*Add weight to sled and carry each set, if possible
Score = heaviest load achieved
Intent: GPP workout today. Sled pushes should be heavy as well as carries. You are adding weight each round for sled pushes ending at your heaviest push for the day.

$ Out

*Pick two accessory movements from the week you missed or two accessory movements that will help improve weaker muscle-groups and perform 3×12