Wednesday 12.6.17 CrossFit


1a: “Floor Press” 9×3
1b: Banded Pull-apart: In between sets perform 10-15. Slow and Controlled Banded Pull-Aparts

Intent:  Work at 65% but still maintain bar-speed on each set.
Make sure elbows stay tucked in. The intent here is lockout strength trained for dynamic effort (speed).


5 x 4min
10 C2B
15 Front Squats (135,95)
15 Push Press (135,95)
Rx: (Pull-ups) (10 Reps per Front Squat/Push Press)
L2: (8 Band Assisted Pull-ups per round) (115,75)
L1: (8 Band Assisted Chin-ups per round) (95,65)
Begginner: (10 Ring Row per round) (65,35)
*Score slowest round
Intent: The goal of today’s metcon is to sustain a 85-90% Max HR pace for each set. All rounds barbell work should be fast and completed unbroken. Choose a weight that will challenge you to dig in to complete all front squats and push presses without dropping the bar. You should have at least 90s of rest after each set.

$ Out

3 Rounds
8 Ring or Inverted Rows w/ a 2s pause
12 DB Tricep Extensions from the Floor w/ a 1s pause
20s RKC Plank