Sunday 11.19.17 CrossFit

RowVember starts Wed. 11.8.17
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3 Rounds of:
1a) DB Neutral Grip Bench Press x 10
1b) 1-Arm DB Rows x 10 ea
1c) Russian Twists w. a plate x 20


Run 400 meters
Rest 30s
Beginner: Scale to 100-200m Intervals.

Intent: We are looking for consistent but space for all splits. This workout is intended to be only as demanding as athletes want it to be. Athletes should find a pace they can sustain for the duration. Scores will range quite a bit off ability, but the overall score here isn’t the goal as much as pacing consistently is.

$ Out

100 Banded Pushdowns
100 Banded Pull-aparts
100 Banded Leg Curls