Thursday 11.9.17 WOD

RowVember Week 1 Complete
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Accessory WOD
10min EMOM
ODDs: 50 Ft Bottoms-up KB Carry
EVENs: Skill Goat 1
*Skill Choices: Kipping or pull up, muscle up variation
Intent: Nothing should be too taxing here as we are looking for roughly 30-40s of work for each minute. Similar to last week/same intent.


4min AMRAP
Calories Assault Bike
– Rest 1min –
4min AMRAP
Max 100m Farmer Carries (70,55)
– Rest 1min –
4min AMRAP
Max Turkish Get-ups (athlete choice of weight)
– Rest 1min –
4min AMRAP
8 Max Ball Slams (20,15)
8 SDHP (95,65)
*Alternate Options – Assault Bike: 5m Shuttle Runs. Ball Slams: Hollow Rocks
Intent: 4:00 of working at a consistent pace accumulating volume of each movement. Score is total rounds of the last AMRAP. SDHP should be light, but farmer carries should be heavy, and TGU is dependent on athletes ability, but for most these will be light.

$ Out

6min AMRAP
X-Band Walks, 10 steps each direction
Banded Leg Curls x 25 reps each leg
15s each Side Plank