Tuesday 11.7.17 WOD

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8min EMOM
ODDs: 20-30s Kipping.
Adv: T2B, Butterfly Pull-up
EVENs: 10-20s L-Sit or L-Hold
Adv: HS Walking
Intent: Skill work similar to last week Thurs. Spend 10:00 learning the kip or refining current technique. Keep sets small to not induce high amounts of fatigue.


Every 5:00 x 4 Sets
Row 500m
50 Double Unders
25 Russian KBS (70,55)
L3: (55,35)
L2: (35,25) (60s of Double Under Attempts)
L1: (35,25) (75 Single Unders)
*Alternate Row Scaling: 60s Bike or 400m run
*Score = time difference b/t slowest & fastest round

Intent: We are looking for intervals that stay consistent for all 5 rounds. There should be enough rest (90s-2:00) each round to keep consistent splits otherwise think about scaling further.

$ Out

Complete 5:00 of “cooldown work”
ie. bike, run or rower at <70% Max HR.
Complete 5:00 of Tissue Work/Static Stretching
Or Complete Extra Credit Work from Monday if you missed