Thursday 11.2.17 WOD

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8min EMOM
Odd: Goat Skill 1
Even: Goat Strength 1
Skill Choices: Kipping or pull up, muscle up variation
Strength Choices: RDL, Barbell Upright Row, Weighted Lunges
Intent: Focus on 2 movements/muscle groups that need to be strengthened. Ask Coach for guidance here.


20min AMRAP
Teams of 2
90s Max Calories Assault Bike
30 Mountain Climbers (2 Count)
15 Slamballs (20,15)
*One athlete bikes while their partner completes AMRAP work. Athletes rotate after every 90s of biking
*Alternate Options
90s AB = 500m row, 400m Run. Change Slamballs for KB Swings (45,35)
*Score = total calories on AB for the entire workout.

Intent: The intent here is sustain consistent output on the bike. This workout should be highly aerobic so not pushing bike intervals too hard/too early is advised.

$ Out

6min AMRAP
X-Band Walks x 10 steps each direction
Banded Double Leg Curls x 25 reps
Landmine Twist  x 30 Reps